Glass Options

High performance glass has grown dramatically since it started to hit the main stream in the early 90’s.  Innovation and technology has pushed the performance of these products to levels once thought to be impossible.  West Coast Insulated Glass has always been on forefront of these advancements and we’ve always had the best options for glass style and performance on our floor.

We currently carry the most advanced glass products made today and continue to work closely with the manufacturing base to make sure we are at the cutting edge of innovation.  Available now are products including:

  • Guardian Glass: Super Neutral SN68, SNX 62/27, SNX 51/23, IS20, Ultra Clear Low Iron
  • Vitro Architectural Glass:  Solarban® 60, Solarban® 70, Solarban® 72, Solarban® 90, Starphire® Low Iron
  • Pilkington/NSG: Energy Advantage Low-e
  • Cardinal:  LoE-270, LoE-366, LoE-340, and LoE-i81

West Coast Insulating Glass also is your source for many other styles of glass including 3/8” and 1/2” glass and various patterned and obscured glass.