Grids and Simulated Divided Lite Bars (SDL)

A crucial design element can be the grids.  Also known as simulated divided lite bars, these additions to the insulating glass unit allow the designer more flexibility and give the structure additional options with regards to its look.  West Coast Insulated Glass stocks a wide range of grids and SDL to be able to support and service a variety of looks and architectural tastes.

Available and in stock:

  • Flat Grids
  • 5/8”  13/16” and 1” width
  • Bronze, White, and Almond
  • Sculptured Grids (With and without connectors)
  • 1” width
  • Bronze, White, Almond\
  • Simulated Divided Lite Bars
  • XX width
  • Clear, Bronze, Champagne
  • Swiss Georgian SDL, widths in multiple sizes