Technology and Innovation

West Coast is pleased to present some of its latest product advancements.  With everything we do, the needs and efficiency of our customer comes first.  We scour the globe to identify the products and services we can add to our offerings in order to advance our relationship with our customers and grow our businesses together.

Among our latest product offerings:

High Altitude Argon Fill.  Energy codes and standards do not bend because a location is in a location that may not be best for an IGU that is filled the traditional way with argon.  West Coast recognized that need and we are proud to be filling our IGU’s with the latest advancement in fill technology.  Our new machine brings an massice improvement to the efficiency of the fill and offers a layer of protection to the overall performance of the unit since no tubes or other apparaturs is needed to keep the gas in the air space.  High altitude locations and argon fills used to be a bad match- not anymore!

Applied Film Protection.  One of the challenges in the field is keeping the glass looking as good as it did when it arrived on the jobsite.  Glass is added to enclose the building but so much work, outside and in still takes place.  It is during that time that glass can get extremely dirty and damaged.  So at West Coast we decided to combat that with a new protective film factory applied to both faces of the glass.  The film can then stay on the glass while the structure is completed and once that happens it’s an easy removal.  The glass is clean and safe and the installer does not have to go through major process to clean it.